Saturday, November 29, 2014

Going again... it never stops

I've started selling my wares at craft fairs now, and so I've unfortunately let my blog slide a little.  I hope to post some more tutorials soon, but for now, I'll share some pictures of my booth space at the fair I just completed, and let everyone know there are new products in my etsy store, plus I'm adding more every chance I get. Its super crazy we're coming up on Christmas and 2 birthday parties within about a month, though I should have another frugal birthday party post coming up because of it (same theme for both parties (my Sweet Pea is turning 1 and my Monkey is turning 3, and they're both going to have pooh bear parties, so I'll probably combine into one post in January)

 One side of my booth, on the table are some hand knitted items, my mailing list sign up, and information about custom ordering (also my sign stating I accept Credit Cards)

 The other side of the booth with most of my products,  Dresses and shirts for kids altered down from adult clothing,  Boo boo bunnies, Hobby Horses, floor pillows, and Refrigerator art hangers

Apron with my logo and store name, ready to go!

I also had a hobby horse I was working on as a way to make it a little less intimidating to walk into my shop, some people realy like to see how you do what you do, and others just don't like to feel like they have an audience when they're looking, It got alot of people to come over and talk to me.

Anyways, back to party planning and shop updating

Happy Holidays Everyone!