Tuesday, July 21, 2015

21 Day Faux - day 21

The last day. I feel like it went well... plus I'm  down 5 1/2 inches and 8 lbs, but that is with no exercise, so once I get das boot off I should be able to kick into high gear :-)
I had salad for lunch with a berry vinaigrette, about half a cup of strawberries and blueberries whizzes up with rice wine vinegar and just a couple drops of honey.
I made the soup to use up some meat that was close to freezer burning.  its turkey stock with a lot of carrots and onion with a little potato, whizzed up and the meat stirred back up


21 Day Faux - day 20

For breakfast I had oatmeal with some frozen fruit puree
 here it is all stirred together
Lunch was free at church.  I had a little bit of potato and a big salad

dinner was home made spaghetti. One yellow of pasta, one red of beef, 1 1/2 green containers of diced and puréed tomatoes


21 Day Faux -day 19

Ok, so I didn't take pictures of breakfast or lunch... straight up forgot... sorry
Breakfast was a single pancake and a cup of chobanni Greek yogurt
Lunch was a whopper jr (we were driving home)
my husband cooked dinner tonight because I was so tired after the drive. So we had quesadillas

21 Day Faux- day 18

 We're headed out of town today for my cousins wedding, so breakfast was cottage cheese

Lunch was a speedway mocha late. We stopped by McDs on the road, but due to the time change they weren't serving lunch yet.

Dinner at the wedding, BBQ chicken sandwiches and green bean casserole (the chips and stuff were fi my kids)

I had a piece of cake too, but didn't take a picture.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

21 day faux - day 17

 Breakfast this morning was excellent, a grocery trip last night netted some absolutely gorgeous strawberries and blueberries for my oatmeal. :-)
Lunch was 1 C of diced greens and veggies under 1/2 cup of chicken salad (I know its not on the plan, but it was free) with lemon squeezed over the top
Dinner was very similar to lunch just with a little mustard added

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

21 Day Faux - day 16

Finally caught up on my blogging, sorry with the trip to the in laws plus a surprise wedding this weekend, I'm still working on the present and it keeps occupying my blogging time, but its in a drying stage now and if I have to try again I'm going to have to try another tactic before I boot my Yudu out the window.
Anyways for breakfast I had oatmeal with strawberries and banana with a little squeeze of lemon, I didn't put enough lemon on, but was buried under cranky toddlers so I made do

For lunch I had a turkey wrap.... literally.  Six slices of turkey laid out overlapping like a flower, then I put avocado diced tomatoes and all the greens I have left in the middle and rolled it up like a tortilla

(please ignore the chipped nails, crafting on an old manicure just is not pretty)
dinner was wonderful leftovers.  cut noodles with as diced up hamburger with tomatoes cilantro lime and Asian dressing

21 Day Faux - day 15

Still not super hungry so skipped breakfast again
But for lunch I had a lovely asian salad with some leftover hamburgers from the other night (1/2 cup) and 1 c of veggies, 1/2 cup of noodles cut up and 1 T of Asian dressing

For dinner I made lemon dill whitefish.  with 1/2 cup of orzo topped with the drippings with some lemon juice water and extra dill.  The soup on the side is boiled broccoli with 1/3 cup of cheese per 1 cup broccoli then blended up , quite delicious

21 Day Faux - day 14

Back home and still full from the weekend, so I didn't really have breakfast.  I had diced veggies and 2 fried eggs for lunch

Super awesome totally legal spaghetti for dinner.  1/2 cup of ground beef (cause its a higher fat content I lower the amount)  1 cup of tomato puree and a little garlic with 1/2 a cup of whole grain spaghetti.  YUMMY :-)


21 Day Faux - day 13

Still visiting my in laws and my MIL continues to not hear that I'm on a diet and would love to help prep meals so I can make it more diet friendly, but I'm making do
For breakfast we had biscuits and gravy... oy, my favorite so I just had one, watered down the gravy significantly so I could use way less and not miss out on the flavor. I added a fried egg and threw some greens in there too

To make up for my biscuit and in preparation of the drive home I decided to skip the bread at lunch so Its  just turkey wrapped around cheese and veggies with a squeeze of lemon.
Well we didn't stop for lunch on the way home, I did grab a cup of coffee (which I don't usually like) but it was speedways and I put some of the powedered chocolate in it (I know its not approved on the fix, but on the faux... CHOCOLATE :-) ) It was amazing and I made it all the way home with no mcdonalds.  Plus now i'm dreaming of our road trip next weekend so i can have another :-)
For dinner I made burgers and grilled veggies. there is a cup of veggies and herbs on my burger and the grilled veggies have nothing on them (and grilled carrots are an EXCELENT substitute for potato wedges.  I will be making them again for sure!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

21 Day Faus- Day 12

Out of town and doing well!  Had Oatmeal with fruit - diced strawberries, peaches, and mango (1 yellow one purple) and scrambled eggs  (about 2) so one red container.


We're going to go to the county fair today, so its going to be a tough day to resist temptation today.  Plus my in-laws have stocked the house with doughnuts, cookies, and soda for the kids and its super tempting... so here's hoping this weekend doesn't totally throw me off.

OK so cheat meal... I tried not to be too bad, I didn't buy the fried oreos (my favorite) and as close as they had to something healthy was the walking taco (I tried to not eat too much of the chips and sour cream.  Then my MIL bought the extra large bucket of fried vegetables.  I ate mostly the pickles they had the best breading to veggie ratio (the squash was basically a chip, but the broccoli and cauliflower really weren't bad)

For dinner I had a big salad dressed just with lemon juice and a small serving of each salmon and chicken with a side of green beans without the butter :-) delicious.

21 Day Faux - Day 11

Officially more than halfway through this healthy eating plan Woo Hoo!

For breakfast I had Cottage Cheese

Salad with chicken veggies, herbs and lemon

And we had dinner on the road and the kids favorite restraint (McDonalds) so I got the Chicken Ranch wrap (it had veggies, and i got it with grilled chicken so it was only about 400 calories)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

21 Day Faux - Day 10

So I'm almost halfway through this little adventure of eating better and I feel like its going well. I'm not doing the workout portion, so I don't know if i'm actually  losing anything, but I feel better, and I'm coming off of my (apparently) rather severe sugar addiction.
For breakfast today I had cottage cheese with cucumber (one red and half of a green)
For lunch I did a scramble with veggies and 2 eggs and a tortilla

For  dinner, we were trying to use up some leftovers, as we were headed out of town, so I did a 1 and a half containers of greens and veggies  with one red of chicken plus a half green container of cole slaw ( I also counted it as both my teaspoon and my dressing)

It was actually really good mixed in, but I wasn't sure so I had it on the side to begin with.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

21 Day Faux - Day 9

 Still going, which is a minor miracle for me.  I don't know if I'm actually losing anything, but i feel better and less tired all the time.  I like this better eating, its pretty nice. 

Breakfast- Same as yesterday, rolled oats with strawberries, bananas and lemon, Still amazing :-) (though the coffee cup was too small, I couldn't get things stirred properly)

Lunch is leftovers from last nights dinner - 1 green container of greens and salsa, 1 red of beef and some extra cilantro.  I left out the rice and beans so i could have rice with dinner.

Dinner was brown rice (1 yellow) and mixed veggies (broccoli, peppers and onions) and ground beef (red) mixed with the asian dressing (orange)  was pretty good, see the second picture, even my 18 month old liked it, but not from her plate, it had to be from daddy's bowl.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

21 Day Faux - Day 8

 Diet wise today went really well.  I'm satisfied, snack was a little tricky to figure out today cause I knew i needed all my grains left for dinner and my seccond fruit for dessert before bed, so I was left with a protein only snack, which took some creative thinking as you'll see below.  I usually keep this blog updated throughout the day, but i couldn't find my tablet so I'm doing it all on my husbands laptop now.  Oh well... On to Breakfast!

I had 1 yellow container of rolled oats and 1 purple container of cut strawberries and bananas with a little squeeze of lemon over it.  Was actually very good.  It needed the lemon because the strawberry and banana flavors were not merged into the oats, the oats just tasted kindof like lumps of blah, but by putting lemon juice in it added a nice citrus flavor to the oat bits and it tasted awesome.  I will definitely do this one again.

 Lunch was a salad with 1 1/2 green containers of assorted veggies and greens with the leftover burger from last night as my protein, and avocado mashed with some water and a splash of ranch dressing.

My all protein snack, was actually pretty good, there were three, but i had to try it before I built the other two to make sure it wasn't completely horrifying, and i actually will probably do this again, put a nice spin on the cottage cheese.   Its just 3 turkey pieces spread equally with a little more than 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and a little bit of pepper, rolled up like taquitos.

Dinner was AMAZING.  About 1 cup of greens, 1/2 container of salsa (as dressing).  1 Blue container half filled with each avocado and cheese.  One yellow container split between rice and pinto beans. A little less than one red container of ground beef with taco seasoning (it wasn't full lean beef, but i drained all the grease out and used a little less so I call it good) and cilantro.

Was an AWESOME taco salad.  And really easy to do this for the family, i didn't have to cook mine in a seperate pan to keep the ratios right  I just set up a nacho bar and included a bag of chips for everyone else to use.
 My husbands nachos, not as healthy as my bowl, but not too terrible, just different ratios than mine.

This blog is aparently the best choice I've made. I know very few if any people are reading all of every day, but I feel like I can't cheat without letting people down.  So thank you

Monday, July 6, 2015

21 Day Faux - Day 7

OK, now I'm really back on the wagon.

For breakfast this morning, I made rolled oats with lots of cinnamon and a diced up apple, was pretty good.

For lunch I had a large salad (2 green containers) with diced up turkey sandwich meat and lots of herbs from the garden (with a very small drizzle of ranch dressing, it needed some sort of lubricant)

Dinner was delicious, but not 100 percent on plan. The only thing off plan really was the bun.  It was a very lean burger (nothing pooled ontop when it cooked) with 1 cup of veggies (mostly tomatoes and greens, with a little bit of onion) Instead of mayo I used mashed up avocado and a swirl of mustard.  Once I put the sandwich together i realized how much bigger the patty was than the bread, so i broke off the extra burger to counter the fact that i don't really know how lean the meat what and the fact that i was eating the bun too.

Was still plenty filling, and i'll use that leftover beef tomorrow in a salad

Was nice to eat some junk food while at the wedding, but i know its better for me to stick with it. and I've never come back to a diet after a bad day like that before, so hopefully this will work for me :-)

21 Day Faux - Day 5th and 6th

Well I'm posting this on the 6th because on the 4th (day 5) we were headed to an out of state wedding and on the 5th we had a family picnic at my moms house So i'm catching up with this diet diary.

For Breakfast on the fourth I did a scramble wrap.  1 Cup of veggies, two eggs and 1 blue container of cheese wrapped up in a tortilla.  Was pretty fantastic

When we got back from our neighborhood 4th bike parade i wasn't very hungry so i had a nectarine before we hit the road, then about halfway to cincinatti me and the hubs both got hungry so we got some Mcdonalds.  the standard cheeseburger is only about 300 calories so i went with thath.

Cincinnati is really hard to drive in btw. especially when you're used to a grid system city like Indy.  The Cinci roads made NO sence to me.  The architecture was pretty and the boat ride was awesome (our friend got married on one of the paddle boats)

It was a carbalicious dinner so i totally didn't follow the rules, I also ate a mini cupcake for dessert, but i ate it before i rememberd to take a picture :-)

I also drank about 3 glasses of wine, so ... yea not a good diet night, but back onto the wagon I went the next day... kindof.

On the 5th I had a bagel and schmear for breakfast, I was kindof hung over from the wine, and I needed carbs. it wasn't whole grain, but it was small and i only had half.  Then i had a doughnut at church and a soda, cause i was exhausted and I don't like coffee

 I was so tired i don't remember eating lunch, so i don't know if i did or what it was.  I took a nap, i think that was my lunch (or the doughnut from church had me full still)

For dinner i had a very large salad and a hot dog (no bun) and i topped my salad with salsa, so i didn't even use any dressing :-)

But i was bad for dessert again, my aunt brought over a DQ ice cream cake (my favorite) to celebrate my cousin being home on leave from the marines.  I also made a sorbet to share with bananas kiwis and ground cherries

Thank you for keeping me accountable even though its not been stelar diet days.