Tuesday, June 30, 2015

21 Day Faux!

Hello again

It seems I update my blog just a couple times a year, well hopefully over the next 3 weeks I'll get better. See I've started the 21 Day Fix, however I can't afford to buy the actual kit... so PINTEREST TO THE RESCUE!!  I have so many friends who have had real success with this program, and after closing my last show I'm already down close to 15 lbs. (thank you Zionsville town hall for not fixing the AC for hell week)

Most of the materials are available on pinterest, and my wonderful husband found the main booklet available as a download (somewhere, I'll find out where and update). 

For the containers (because I was NOT willing to spend $85 or even $50 on glorified Tupperware) I used the Ikea Food Container set of 17 available on amazon HERE.  I even got it on sale for $11 with Prime shipping so... score!

It took me maybe half an hour to use some water to mark out the exact correct measurements for the Fix containers. And yes, the official containers let you fill right up to the top with no thinking, but to save 50 bucks or more I'll pay attention to the lines, or use a measuring cup. 

Since I don't have the official containers I used a sharpie to wright out the colors on the lids (I was careful when measuring to make sure that one color was one container size, so the lids won't fit on the wrong size container)

There were more containers in the package than I needed for the program (some were up to half a gallon in volume) so we can use those for leftovers and stuff, they also make good astronaut masks

I'm also going to be not doing the exercises so much, I'm in a walking boot, so I can't really do much strenuous exercise, so I've moved myself down one menu level (if you look at the pinterest charts you'll see what I mean) to compensate for the fact that I'm not doing the official exercise.  I'm still walking with my kids and we go to the park and stuff, but with the boot I can't really run or dance or whatever.

This morning was my first fix meal

I'm not a big fan of steel cut oats (to lumpy) or of fruit in general, so I decided to get all my fruit for the day out of the way at once. So I overcooked my oats just about 5 mins (they actually weren't to bad that way) and I cooked up my fruit, I'm not sure if that's allowed in the fix program but in the Faux... I do declare Cook Away!  I diced up an apple and cooked that in a little water with a bunch of cinnamon and then when they were almost all the way soft I tossed in a half a banana for sweetness.  I then tossed the whole fruit mixture into my magic bullet with a spoonful of vanilla yogurt (what I had on hand, thanks WIC :-) ) and blended it into applesauce-ish and tossed the whole bit onto my oats. 

Wasn't too bad. I wouldn't order it in a restaurant, but I don't usually have more than a breakfast bar usually anyways.

Oh well, we'll see how this adventure goes

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: warning- clearly I am not a food stylist

I took my measurements and recorded weight and all so I'll be able to share results

I also had a Snack (cottage cheese, one red containers worth, with one spoonful removed to compensate for the yogurt in my breakfast)

and for lunch I made a freaking huge salad, seriously, this is 2 containers of green, 2 eggs (one red) and one blue (avocado) and I'm FULL.

For "dressing" I took half of my half avocado and smashed it up with dill and parsley with a little balsamic vinegar and 1 tsp canola oil (all the "approved" oils are expensive or I have a bad reaction to) and some water to make it a little more pour-able

Tasted great and I am super full.

For dinner I did cheat just a little, I planned my dinners this week before I decided to start the Faux so I made some modifications, but its still a little naughty.  The wings are baked and white meat so I think they count.  The buffalo sauce isn't JUST hot sauce, but I only used a little of the wing sauce, so its not bad.  The big cheat was my dressing/dip. Half a blue container of Avocado and about 1 T of ranch dressing (tasted AMAZING btw)  Along with a baked potato and the rest of my salad/mixed veggies that I also ate at lunch

Now all I have left is the Orange, so I'll probably just have some sunflower seeds as a snack later tonight...won't take a picture of that, but that puts me done with my daily food.  Not too shabby.  Hope this works for me, may have to give myself a reward if I get down to my goal.  It'll be hard though, I started this early which means i'll have a cheat day for sure on Saturday... I'm attending a friends wedding so CAKE, HUZZAH (hopefully) :-)  Something to look forward to at least.

I know this is super detailed and most people won't read this all or all the way to the bottom, but posting on here at least makes me feel accountable so Hopefully it will help.

Thanks for reading!