Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Juice Box Cosies

Hey all!

I recently started being in charge of crafts for the children during the moms circle at church, so I thought I'd share my kids crafts too

Our first craft was Juice Box Cosies

I started with the small Foam Sheets  ( about 6" by 9").   Cut in half the long way

 Then cut it at about 7 1/2 inches through both strips.  This will make 2 juice box cosies.

 Take the small piece and put hot glue on half of one end

 Then put that half over the edge of the long piece as shown below.

 Put the juice box in the cosie (so you can get the dimentions right) and fold the edges up like below.

 Put glue across the front of the bottom piece.

 and wrap the front around the juice box.  Then flip it over and o the same thing across the back

 Then run a strip of glue up the back seam and your done!

 TA DA!! 

For the craft with the kids I took a bunch of random shapes and let the kids make their own Juice box monsters for Halloween!  They had a blast :-)

Check back for more fun kids crafts

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to make a cute skirt out of jeans

 What to do when my favorite pants get a hole in the crotch... Turn them into a skirt of course!

 Cut the bottoms of the pants off just below the knees.


Cut the inseam out of the pants.

Seam rip the inseam open up to the zipper on the front

and up to about the bottom of the pockets on the back.

Fold over and pin the front seam to make a straight seam.

Stitch it!  (I did two paralell rows of stitching to mirror the style of stitching on the rest of the pants)

Do the same thing on the back seam (ignore the millions of pins below, I was also sewing a patch to reinforce where the hole was :-) )

Stitch it!
Cut one inseam and the bottom hem off of the leg pieces you cut off before.

Place the resulting piece of fabric inside the skirt, fold the edge and pin it to both legs

Stitch it!

Do the same thing on the back with the other leg and cut the extra fabric out from the back of the seams.

 Fold the skirt so the inseams are lined up.

Cut across the bottom to even the hem out

 Fold and stitch the hem.

Perfect for looking out at the falling leaves with the baby bear!

Isn't that Sew Cool!

Happy Crafting Everyone!